Macro Photography Workshop

Getting Up Close



Limited to 8 

March 31st 2018

Macro Photography is an increasingly popular form of photography and with good reason. It is accessible and is a very broad genre of photography, offering something for just about any level of photographer from the seasoned pro to the novice beginner.

If you have ever wanted to get “up close and personal” to your photography subject, macro photography might just be for you.

Macro Workshop Overview

The “MACRO WORKSHOP” is a half day of photographing, learning and fun. You will need a camera, macro lens, tripod, as you will be shooting in the field. It is for the beginner to the intermediate photographer wanting to learn more about the macro / close-up world.

Covered in the Macro Workshop:

Cameras / Lenses / Tripods / Heads / Accessories.

Controlling light with diffusers, reflectors, and lights/working with natural lighting.

Depth of Field

How to control depth of field with f/stops and special techniques.  


Learn how to compose properly / finding character in nature / elements of design / textures / contrast / lines / light / visual weight / learning to work camera angles for blurred backgrounds / Two Subject Compositions / What not to do when composing.

Finding Good Subject Matter

Learn when, where, and how to fine good subjects through out the four seasons.

Macro Lens

Required: For best results, we recommend a lens between 50-300mm. Using a zoom lens you can get distance from your subject. I sometimes combine that with an extension tube. Bring a macro lens also if you have it.  


Required: Stability is everything in Photography! Using a sturdy tripod will help improve your compositions and get sharper images. A tripod also helps you have both hands free to focus (pun intended!) on learning and getting “the shot”!

Shutter Release/Remote

Optional: A shutter release allows you to take a photo without touching the camera. This helps ensure a sharp photo and is very important for long exposures in dark areas, or at night. They are affordable and a great tool to have in your camera bag!

Memphis Botanical Alien Flower_Blair Ball Image

Memphis Botanical Garden Flower_Blair Ball Image

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What to Bring

  1. Your digital SLR camera.   This is a digital macro photography class, but if you have a favorite point-and-shoot, smartphone or old film camera you like, bring it along, and if time permits, you can use it as well.
  2. Lenses.   Try to cover a range from (50-300mm). Longer lenses give you more room to position for composition.
  3. Extension Tubes. – Kenko has a set of different extension tubes. These go on your camera between body and lens. Allows for more magnification of your subject. 
  4. Tripod.   This is a necessity for Macro workshop. It can be windy in many of the areas we take you, so the sturdier your tripod, the better. 
  5. Filters.   Although not necessary a Circular Polarizer could be helpful to cut down on glare or if it has rained. 
  6. Extra batteries.   Bring at least 1 or 2 extra batteries. Colder temperatures and long exposures can drain batteries very quickly. There is no worse feeling than arriving at the last spot and having a dead battery.
  7. Extra memory cards.   Will discuss the benefits of shooting in RAW format, which is a better method for photography, but takes up more space on a card. Having multiple memory cards will be to your benefit.
  8. Clothing & shoes.   Bring layers of clothing you can add if/when temperature and wind conditions change, and they can! And wear good, comfortable walking shoes!
  9. Your sense of adventure!   We want to teach you what it is YOU want to learn, and have you come away with some good images. And, since the nature of outdoor macro photography means we’re subject to weather conditions, which we can’t control, sometimes we must be flexible with the itinerary. So, come ready for anything. Because we are dedicated to do everything possible to ensure you’re in the best places at the best times to get amazing images.
  10. Your Thinking Cap!   Show up ready, because you’re going to learn! Some tips: make sure to read the workshop details before you arrive, so you know what to expect, and what to bring; bring a list of questions you want to ask; check the weather forecast so you’re aware of possible weather changes!

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Memphis Botanical Garden Tulip Macro_Blair Ball Image


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Date:   Saturday, March 31st 2018 | Time: 7:30 – 12:00

Where: Memphis Botanical Garden  | 750 Cherry Rd, Memphis, TN 38117  

*Entrance Fee is included

Investment: Early Registration Fee $79 | *After March 15th. Fee is $99.

Bio Pic-Blair Ball

Blair Ball is a Memphis based sports, event, and photojournalist photographer. He is past President of the Memphis Camera Club where he served two years. He enjoys shooting sports, events, corporate events, action, as well as landscape, wildlife and macro.

  • His most recent Reelfoot Lake Series is featured in the new Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in Memphis.
  • He’s photographed 100+ Marathons, Half Marathons, Triathlons, and other running races.
  • He’s photographed 1000+ portraits.

His works have been published in:

  • CBS sports
  • The Commercial Appeal
  • Bass Pro Shops Pyramid Memphis
  • Memphis Sports Magazine
  • Memphis Daily News
  • Memphis Magazine
  • Memphis Flyer
  • Memphis Business Journal
  • Cotton, Inc.
  • New York Post
  • The Guardian
  • The Road Runner
  • Running Journal
  • The Jewish Scene Magazine
  • The Travel Channel
  • American Drag Racing League Magazine
  • Memphis Motorsports Park

I enjoy capturing the moment, the adventure and telling your story.


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