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Collierville hosts an annual Classic Car Show. The Police Department and Landers Ford this year headed up the event held at Central Church, in Collierville Tennessee.

Hundreds of Classic Cars show up and it’s a challenge to photograph. Usually the cars are parked right next to one another and there are parking lot lines to contend with. Doesn’t do the car justice to showcase how beautiful they really are. Still a fun time to get out and see the time and money the owners have put into the dream cars.


Collierville Classic Car Show -1

1957 Cadillac Classic Car

This Classic 1957 Cadillac was used in the movie “Walk the Line.”


1938 Oldsmobile Rumble Seat Convertible

My good friend Tom Wilson is the owner of this yellow 1938 Oldsmobile rumble seat convertible vehicle. This is one of the crowd favorites and people frequently ask him to rent it out for family weddings.

Cobra Classic Car

This bright orange Classic Car is a Cobra.  I wanted a unique effect for this shot and decided on creating a vignette blur where part of the photograph was sharp and clear, while other parts were soft and blurred. Let me know what you think.




How would you like to process your images like a PRO?

Did you know you can do most of your post processing right inside Lightroom?

In the Digital Age of Photography, it is just as important that you master post processing as you do taking photographs.

This is a hands on class to teach you how to create stunning images, manage and organize your images. You’ll be amazed at how fast you start to fill up your hard drive and being organized from the beginning will avoid headaches down the road.

Take a look at some of these Reelfoot sunrise images. Sometimes the disappointing point of photography is when you shoot RAW in camera and import into your computer, the colors, etc. are not what you saw in the field. The good news is you have more data and this allows for your creativity to bring it back to the way you remember seeing it or adding a creative flare to it.

When you shoot JPEG images, the camera automatically processes the image in camera, that’s the benefit when you bring it into your computer. It is closer to what you saw when you took the image, you can still process the image in Lightroom, Photoshop or a variety of other post processing software. Remember though that a JPEG image will lose quality, although slightly each time you make a change in post processing. RAW files have more data, and allow for a wider color gambit that JPEG, more latitude to make changes, a topic for another day. I almost always shoot in RAW.

Before Post Processing

Reelfoot Lake Sunrise before post processing

After Post Processing

Reelfoot Sunrise after post processing

After post processing is how I remembered the colors and light to be. Sometimes when you are photographing sunrises, it can be very dark, yet the colors can be amazing. This photograph was taken around 40 minutes prior to sunrise. If you look close you can even see the stars.

Tips for photographing Sunrises

1. Start photographing as early as 1 hour before sunrise. Compare the difference in light and colors all the way up to the time the sun actually arises.

2. Always use a tripod.

3. Use a wide angle lens, unless there is a subject you want to zoom in and isolate.

4. Shoot between F8-F11 most of the time.

5. Use a cable release.

6. When using a cable release you will need to put your shutter on bulb setting. Then it is trial and error to see how long to leave the shutter open to expose what you want. These are manually settings. Look at your LCD screen and adjust accordingly. The before shot was 20 seconds, and as you can see it is underexposed. As the light starts to come up you will shorten the time your shutter is open.

Before Post Processing

Venice Beach California

After Post Processing


Venice Beach after post processing

What differences do you see? I wanted to create a creative effect based upon the colors and emotion this photograph was conveying to me. It amazes me the power of Lightroom, and what you can accomplish is just a few minutes to change the look and feel of a photograph.

Come join us for this hands on Lightroom Class, where you will learn tips and techniques that it’s taken me years to learn. You’ll learn them in a few hours.

Lightroom Class Information


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